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Today Staburadze is a member of the Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija group and the leading manufacturer of quality pastries and fresh food in Latvia. It produces products under popular and well-known brands – Pedro and Staburadze. The wide range of products includes cakes, pastries, cupcakes, twig cookies, plum-cakes, pies, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and ready-to-eat dishes. The assortment is produced in two production units: the pastry unit at 72/74 Tallinas Street, and the fresh food unit at 6 Maskavas Street.

The Company has been certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000:2005 quality standards.

Staburadze today

Staburadze is a Latvian legend with deep and ancient roots. Our national epic "Bearslayer" ("Lāčplēsis") reveals a tale of a deity that lived in a steep cliff on the shores of Daugava. Our company name, "Staburadze", also embodies ancient Latvian traditions and a story of Love, experience, and workmanship.

You may trace the history of Staburadzes back to 1910, when Vilhelms Ķuze, later known as the king of sweets, rented premises at 16 Avotu Street and opened a confectionery there.
In 1912 he had already established a small confectionery but a year later he purchased the first chocolate machinery and began the production of chocolate. 


At the centre of our logotype there is a stylized emblem with several possible meanings. You may interpret it as a form of an ancient Latvian symbol for the sun, or as a shell, or even as a pastry – cookie, pretzel, or cake. Thus, our emblem not only symbolizes traditions and serves as a lucky charm but also reminds us of the water-related legend and characterizes our company. You may perceive the ornament in the emblem as a letter S which is also the first letter of our company’s name.

Lettering "Staburadze" on the emblem has been created so that the shape of letters would provoke associations with the predecessor of our company – confectionery factory of V. Ķuze, founded in 1910.

At the top of the emblem there also is a slogan WITH GRATITUDE AND LOVE which characterizes the main values of the company. The chosen shape of letters gives an impression of constancy and reliability. We celebrate the happiest moments of our lives with the Staburadze’s products, the moments that are filled with Gratitude and Love, thus, these values shape the foundations of our company’s philosophy. Every one of the Staburadze’s products is hand-made with care so that we could pass it on as an affirmation of Love. But below the logo you can see an acknowledgment of traditions and history – the year of foundation.

The colour of gold in the logotype serves as a symbol for the shining energy of love and reminds us of the company’s traditions that reach back more than 100 years.